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Automatic Bubble Toilet Cleaner
Automatic Bubble Toilet Cleaner
Automatic Bubble Toilet Cleaner
Automatic Bubble Toilet Cleaner
Automatic Bubble Toilet Cleaner
Automatic Bubble Toilet Cleaner
Automatic Bubble Toilet Cleaner
Automatic Bubble Toilet Cleaner
Automatic Bubble Toilet Cleaner

Automatic Bubble Toilet Cleaner

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No more Messy Toilet!

Automatic Bubble Toilet Cleaner will save the day! Stay fresh and fragrant with your every toilet encounter. Never again tire yourself with scrubbing and brushing of toilet bowls as this cleaner will automatically sanitize and deodorize it with every flush. Attain a germ-free life while providing a smell of fragrance for a healthy mood of your household that even your guests will certainly appreciate your attention to personal cleanliness.


  • LONG-LASTING - The slow-release formula, it can flush for over 2000 times when the water is below 25°C.
  • EXCELLENT CLEANING - Produces sparkling blue water that comes from the toilet tank which cleans the tank itself, the rim, inner wall, and sewer pipe and other parts of the toilet thoroughly. It kills 99.9% of household bacteria and leaves your toilet sparkling while keeping the toilet deodorized.
  • SAFE - This neutral product is free from toxins, making it safe for pipes and septic tanks. It works on all kinds of toilet tanks in your homes, office, hotel, restaurant, etc.


  • Place in the toilet tank directly.
  • Wait for at least 5 minutes before using it.
  • It will clean the toilet bowl in every flush.
  • A blue tint to the water in the toilet bowl to give a clear indication of when you need to replace the cleaner.


  • Net weight: 210g


  • 1 x Automatic Bubble Toilet Cleaner
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Daniel J.
Clean the toilet bowl

The toilet bowl got cleaned every time it flushed. It's larger than I expected. I let it sit in the tank and the blue-colored cleaner will mix with water. I don't have to worry about germs get in the toilet bowl. Very convenient and easy to use.

Danissa D.

It’s really a pretty simple product that works so well in my toilet . I have a toilet that constantly dirty . And I need something that can keep cleaning on it all the time . My friend recommended me this product. After I receive it and I cannot waiit to use it . It cleans so well and the fresh scent all the time it's there! Fantastic product!

Nicole S.
10/10 Will Buy Again.

Will definitely be buying another again! It's so easy to use!

Angel F.
Clean toilet! YES!

Now my toilet is staying clean and the water is tinted a fresh blue color!

Darla E.
Finely something that works and not messy

I've tried everything on the market and have up told I seen this,since nothing else worked what did I have to lose I GAINED not only does it work it's not messy and will keep working and prevention from getting like this again. You just take that tab off drop in back toliet and that's it ,it starts doing the work. I noticed everyday it working so I put the other two in my other two toliet. Before uding this all my toliets had not only that ugly ring but those rings were so thick as I'd use the scrubber I could feel a hump I'd be going over trying to clean it,now the lumps are gone an in 3 weeks time it's almost 90 percent gone. Another thing I haven't had to clean the toliets it's doing everything for me. Just forget about it and it goes to work. It lets out the perfect amount each flush, unlike those other products on the market that desolve an stop working as fast as it resolved but I eaves all kinds of debrea an gel Behind that just sits in the tank. Not with this. This is well worth the money.

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