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Eco Tree Pruning Sealer Paste
Eco Tree Pruning Sealer Paste
Eco Tree Pruning Sealer Paste
Eco Tree Pruning Sealer Paste

Eco Tree Pruning Sealer Paste

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No More Infection On Pruned Tree Ever!

Protects wound from fungi and bacteria! Nourish your plants with this Eco Tree Pruning Sealer Paste - an eco tree wound healing paste that heals 5x faster than that of the ordinary branch healing formula. 

EFFECTIVE TREE NOURISHER AND HEALER - this is a 3% Methionil base plant healing product designed by plant experts for bonsai cutting and cultivation. 

It works wonders to the plants in various ways:

  • Nourishes and keep plants healthy - Keeps the plant away from illness and ensures rapid growth. It also keeps the plants vigorous and speeds up healing. 
  • Keeps sap from bleeding - Effectively seals off the cutting rot and locks moisture in to avoid excessive sap bleeding. It keeps the wound protected from bacteria contamination. 
  • Seals off wounds and grafts - Promotes X5 wound healing ability. Safeguards the plant against infection and decay. It keeps the plant away from harmful fungi to avoid it from decaying. 
  • SAFE ECO-FRIENDLY FORMULATION - This suspension contains Thiophanate making it safe for plants and humans. This is an agriculturist's certified product for bonsai care and cultivation! 
  • ALL-WEATHER PROTECTION - This paste is film type with ultra-fine diameter. It assures an even distribution to the surface of the bark for strong adhesion. It also has an anti-freeze and has a strong resistance to rain erosion.
  • DILUTION AND STORING - Add a sufficient amount of water then shake well before applying to the plant. Keep this at room temperature for maximum potency.  Easy fast drying after application. 
  • RANGE OF APPLICATION Use for all of your pruning and grafting projects. Use it too to protects your shrubs, succulent plants, bonsai, bushes, vines and trees from decay insects and fungi. It shields tree wounds too. 
  • HOW TO USE - Lightly scratch the bark of the plant then apply lightly to the wounded tree bark. Keep the back closely intact to propagate.

Keeps your trees vigorous and healthy!


  • Ingredients: Thiophanate
  • Net Content: 150g


  • 1 pc. Eco Tree Pruning Sealer Paste 
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