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Magic All-In-One Broom
Magic All-In-One Broom
Magic All-In-One Broom
Magic All-In-One Broom
Magic All-In-One Broom
Magic All-In-One Broom
Magic All-In-One Broom
Magic All-In-One Broom
Magic All-In-One Broom
Magic All-In-One Broom
Magic All-In-One Broom
Magic All-In-One Broom

Magic All-In-One Broom

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Clean Pet Hair Easily Without Using A Vacuum!

Struggling with pet hair all over your house? Clean them up with the Magic All-In-One Broom and experience the difference!

This Magic All-In-One Broom easily removes dog hair or cat hair from carpets, hardwood, tiles, stairs and any other surface. Vacuuming just doesn't pick up all the hair and will soon clog and damage the machine. Why should you have to lug out the heavy vacuum every time? All you have to do is whip out the ultra-lightweight Magic All-In-One Broom! You'll be surprised to see how much pet hair you can pull out from fabric surfaces like the carpet or couch!


  • STATIC ELECTRICITY:  This Electrostatic Silicone Broom is 100% created with silicone injection technology which makes it perfect for collecting the dust, dirt and even pet hair. It is ideal for all types of surfaces, wet or dry, such as hard floors, carpets, marble, and granite surfaces. In addition, it does a very good job with parquet floors!
  • Hard Surfaces - First use it as a broom and get all the nastiness off the surface and between the cracks of Hardwood Floors, Tile, and Laminate. Then throw down some soap and water and the BeaBos Broom doubles as a mop!
  • Windows - Flip the Broom over to reveal the Magic Squeegee! Use it to clean Windows, Glass, or push snow off your Car.
  • Lasts for Life - Normal broom bristles wear down, get nasty, and are impossible to clean. The Electrically Charged Bristles never wear down. And when it comes time to clean them you just need some classic soap and water. Removing the hair and fur from the bristles is really simple too as they stick together due to the static electricity creating a clump of hair that can be removed in one instance.
  • Effortlessly Sweep - Rubber Bristles easily gather up dust, hair, paper scrapes on floors and carpets. With 50% increased efficiency than a normal broom and doesn't make ash or pet hairs flying in the air during sweeping.
  • Pet Hair Remover - Easily remove pet hair from carpets and rugs. Soft bristles gently scrape down and ball the hair from carpets, easily gather hair on the carpets that a vacuum couldn't reach.
  • Extra Long and Adjustable Handle - 27.6 inches to 49.1 inches adjustable length suit for people with different heights. Long enough for tall adults to use, prevent from bend down while sweeping. It can also be shortened for use by shorter people.
  • Reuse Like New - Easy-to-clean! Just by washing under a tap running water, dust or hair will be easily washed away from the bristle and be like new. Water rinse and dry quickly.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use - With a built-in squeegee edge, Magik Rubber Broom can also be used in outdoor areas like garden, balcony, patio, garage to wash the floor, clean up water or spills, clean window, etc. Water resistance and durable.


  • Material: Rubber
  • Color: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow
  • Length: 68-120cm


  • 1 X Magic All-In-One Broom
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Leny R.
Great at removing pet hair from carpet and for sweeping hard floors

I was skeptical about how well a rubber broom would work, but my vacuum is currently being repaired and my Australian Shepherd is blowing her winter coat, so I thought it couldn't hurt to try. Well... WOW. I am a believer. I have laminate floors and some rugs throughout my house, and it works really well on both surfaces. I mean REALLY well. It takes a bit of work on the denser pile rugs, but not much more than the vacuum. And granted, it can't get all of the tiny particles embedded in the rug, but it's especially wonderful for hair and works pretty well with tiny particles on the hard floor. This is a great product and I would definitely recommend it.

Connie R.
This little guy does a mighty good job. It really does give your floors a ...

This little guy does a mighty good job. It really does give your floors a deep sweep. It sweeps up everything! And the best part is that debris does not fly up in the air as you're sweeping, as it does with a regular broom.

Karen W.
A Must Have With Pets

If you have pets, you need this broom. It makes sweeping up pet hair a breeze. Not only did my cleaning routine take half the time, the pet hair swept up in neat ribbons making it easier to pick up. It was also easy to sweep under tables and furniture. It worked on my laminate and tile floors. I am hoping this broom will hold up with long term use. The head and extended pole use screw on connections and I tend to be hard on this type of connection. But right now I am very happy with my purchase.

Tom H.
great for cat hair

This works as well as any other rubber broom for regular work. You have to get a feel for how to use them on hardwood floors so they won't catch. But like others, this shines as a fur removal on carpets or rugs. I personally use just the head removed from the handle and give the rug a good "scrubbing" in one direction at a time. And before long, just a 4 square foot section of what seemed to be a perfectly clean rug (less than a week old with just one cat) has produced enough fur to fill a red Solo cup. And a second pass in a different direction will take up a little more. It will also help pull up smaller dirt and crumbs, which will then be more easily picked up by a regular vacuum. This can also be used in place of a mop for dirt on tile that needs more scrubbing.

Carol B.
Hair Grabber Yeah!

I do animal rescue my home is very clean, however with three Afghans and one Great Pyrenees the hair has to be vacuumed daily. I swear it triples itself behind my back. I was not sure if this would even work especially on my rugs. I had just vacuumed the day before as usual, I have severe back problems and lugging a heavy Vac around almost kills me. I cannot tell you what this broom picks up, I can now get under the Fridge, sofa and chairs. It’s light weight the trick I found that works best for Me is to hold it more at a straight angle, it picks up everything. I clean it off as I go so not to respread the hair. Tighten the handle well it does have a tendency to loosen from movements, rinsed well with water. I would highly recommend this product.

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