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Portable laptop stand
Portable laptop stand
Portable laptop stand
Portable laptop stand
Portable laptop stand
Portable laptop stand
Portable laptop stand
Portable laptop stand
Portable laptop stand
Portable laptop stand
Portable laptop stand

Portable laptop stand

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This is a laptop stand that can be folded and does not need to be assembled.It can be carried around. It takes only 1 second to open,also it has 6 heights to support. It can gives you a comfortable posture no matter where you sit.With this, you can work comfortably anywhere!


  • Convenient to carry
  • Collapsible
  • Aluminium alloy material
  • Don't have to assemble
  • Silicone anti-slip strip is used
  • 6 adjustable heights
  • Support height range is 55mm-155mm
  • Hollow design helps to dissipate heat


  • Type:N3
  • Material:Aluminum alloy
  • Color:Silver & Black
  • Style:Folding


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Adam S.
Sturdy, light and high-quality

I never thought I’d need a laptop stand, but after getting this and using it I can see why so many people use them. This stand is extremely light but really sturdy. The rubber feet hold your laptop in very well and keep it from moving on your desk. I’m using it with a 2012 13” MacBook Pro and it fits perfectly. An added bonus is that it keeps the laptop much cooler and less likely to overheat. It has six different height levels. The second to lowest is the best in my opinion. It folds up nicely and comes with a faux-velvet drawstring pouch. Overall I’d highly recommend this for using as a portable laptop/tablet stand. Amazing value for the price.

Sonja O.
My back and neck loves it!

For an inexpensive riser, this thing is amazing! You can adjust it so many is exactly what I was looking for.

Joe S.
Executive Office Solves Neck Pain

I got this purley based off a recomendation from my chiropractor to get something to raise my laptop. I had tremendous neck pain when I went to her. It's been a couple months now and my neck pain from literally 10 years of poor computing posture is dissolving. In just a couple months, I'd say my pain level has gone down by half. I bought it strictly to use on my desk but I find myself actually using it for holding textbooks while I take notes and even watching movies in bed. I was updating my mom's pc, which dosn't really have any fans in it. I used this chance to test out the fans and they actually did a great job keeping her laptop ice cold during the update. This product is rock solid and I am incredibly happy with it. If you are looking at buying one of these to reduce neck pain, Do It Right Now!

Amanda V.
Your neck will thank you.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this adjustable laptop stand!

Kerrie L.
Great Laptop Stand!

I love this! I've been working on my laptop from my bed for years now and have neck and arm issues because of the angle and looking down. I've been using this for several weeks, and it really helps my neck stay in a more neutral position, which results in less strain. It's very sturdy. You can set it to the side and not worry about it overheating or tipping over when you take a break. Plus, there is a nice USB fan that is easy to use that's built in. Easy to adjust. I wish I had found this YEARS AGO! I use a variation of one of the recommended settings, and it's perfect for me!

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