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Skin Tag Remover Patch (36PCS)
Skin Tag Remover Patch (36PCS)
Skin Tag Remover Patch (36PCS)
Skin Tag Remover Patch (36PCS)
Skin Tag Remover Patch (36PCS)
Skin Tag Remover Patch (36PCS)
Skin Tag Remover Patch (36PCS)
Skin Tag Remover Patch (36PCS)
Skin Tag Remover Patch (36PCS)
Skin Tag Remover Patch (36PCS)

Skin Tag Remover Patch (36PCS)

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Skin Tag Remover Patch removes the bothersome skin tags and moles painlessly and permanently!

The Hydrocolloid formulation deeply penetrates to the root of the mole or skin tag and extracts pus and impurities straight from the source. A natural and painless alternative to the freezing surgery, the patch triggers a rush of white blood cells to the blemish and starts the healing process, leaving you a  smooth and blemish-free skin!


  • Effective Skin Tag Removal
    Completely remove your warts, moles, or skin tags in 3 - 20 days (depending on the personal). 

  • Pain-free & Scar-free
    Remove moles at home gently with professional results - as easy as your normal skincare routine. No need to experience surgical pains!

  • 2X Faster Healing
    Hydrocolloid patch protects your skin tags form dirt while absorbing pus and fluids to keep them clean & bacteria-free for faster healing any blemish even overnight.

  • Anti-inflammatory 
    Cleans dirt and impurities, fights bacteria and infection in the problematic areas and calms the skin, flatten & soothes it.

  • For All Skin Types
    Made of 100% natural herbal ingredients with a gentle formula. Suitable for all skin types and can be used on your face and body without causing allergy or redness.

  • Waterproof & Breathable
    Provide up to 24 hours of protection.

  • Almost Invisible!
    It can be easily hidden under makeup.


  • Clean wound & surrounding area, dry thoroughly.
  • Select the appropriate size of the patch.
  • Apply the patch to the mole or skin tag & press down firmly at the edges.
  • Replace patch as soon as it changes its color to white.
  • Repeat step 4 until the wound is completely recovered.


    • Ingredients: Hydrocolloid and salicylic acid
    • Size: 12mm / 5.7mm


    • 36 x Skin Tag Remover Patch
    Customer Reviews
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    Harrison S.
    Nice nice

    This products gotten rid of all of my tags. It took some time (I did it each one, one at a time), but it was totally worth it. So glad to see these gone.

    Lilibeth F.
    Easy and painless

    Easy and painless. The skin tag I am using this on is incrementally disappearing and after a week is almost gone. I am very happy. The patches are invisiible, painless and effective. Would highly recommend this product!

    Sandy G.
    Wait it out, It's worth it

    If you have larger skin tags, it will take a bit longer to see them gone. Personally, the skin tag I was worked with was larger and mostly flat. I'm not sure how the skin patches would stick with more bulbous skin tags. Get the patch on was the easy part, but me, being as impatient as I am, the waiting is what got me. Most of the comments were talking about how in one or two days they saw result, so I started to get a little worried when I didn't see any noticeable change in that time. But I kept at it, because my skin tag was pretty big so, maybe it just needed more time. On the 3rd day, I thought I saw change but I wasn't absolutely sure until the 4th day when the texture of my tag started to get dried and the color was darkening. After that, almost everyday my skin tag shrunk and dried out until it feel off after about 4 more days.

    Leticia H.
    Easy to use

    I like this product it is working quite well. I used them for my skin tags.

    Amir P.
    Love them

    As someone with a big problem with small skin tags, these patch help a lot and keeps me from spending the money on doctor visits. They haven't gotten rid of all my tags yet, because I'm not finished using them, but so far it's been great!

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